Life is never uncomplicated.

I am learning to accept that. Becoming an adult never gets easier, and the challenges never go away. Every milestone seems like it will bring much needed relief and rest. But instead, each milestone I reach only brings the next one into view.

I thought that getting accepted into PA school would be cathartic and that, afterwards, I would have a few months of R&R before embarking on my next challenge. And I will say that getting accepted is cathartic. But the catharsis lasts maybe a day, and then reality sets back in. And an obstacle-course of brand new challenges comes into view, challenges that I did not anticipate and was not prepared for.

I am moving in a few months to Hershey, Pennsylvania and leaving everything that I have ever known behind. I am leaving the South and moving to a land where snow and freezing winds dominate the calendar. A place that measures their storms in feet instead of inches. Where the sun shuts off before work is over, and people must find their R&R in the dark.

Sounds almost mythical to a guy who was born and raised in Alabama and spent the past few years on the sandy beaches of Charleston.

It is exciting to know that everything will soon change. However, at every great transition in my life, I find myself coming unraveled. I don’t mean that in a negative way. I enjoy the process of change. I look forward to the opportunity to recreate myself and to discover new possibilities. I think that there is a great deal of overlap between excitement and fear.

Before I leave, I have to memorize a 1,000 page textbook on Medical Terminology. There is a test on this the first week of class. It is nothing too difficult considering I work in the medical field and have taken classes in Anatomy and Physiology. But it is work intensive.

I also have to learn about student loan options and get my finances in order. I still have considerable debt from undergrad, and I am working overtime at the hospital to pay it off.

So much for a little rest before PA school.

One thing I want to be sure I do before moving is to visit my family in Alabama. I have requested a week off in March. This is important to me considering the next few years will be all about school. It is common wisdom that a fulfilling life consists of a healthy balance between work and relationships. I have been forewarned, though, that that balance becomes tipped while you are in PA school. I understand the path that I have chosen, so it is important to get a little family-time in now.

I realize that this post lacks content, but I thought it was important to give a sense of my thoughts and emotions before I leave for school.

I have an incredible journey before me, and undoubtedly it will change me. And as I prepare to change, I know that life and structure will somewhat unravel. If I am to avoid unraveling completely, I must let go and accept the process.

School doesn’t start until May, but already I am learning to take it one milestone at a time.